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Mini Challenge

We have available Junior Solar Car and Boat Kits. These we provide at a subsidised price of $25/kit (no GST). Each kit is relatively easy to assemble, with a bit more effort going into the boat kits as the students need to provide their own boats/flotation devices. We generally say that from about Year 3 (8-9yr old) the students are more than capable of constructing the kits on their own with a bit of guidance from the SunChase Champions.

Please note that the panels can be wired in Series – for a bit more speed or in Parallel if racing under poor light (Winter sun) conditions.

I have uploaded the instructions for the contruction of the Junior Solar Cars and Boat kits.

Side Gear Solar Car Slide Switch Construction Ts0404 Eant1

We are grateful to the Technology Education Centre  for the supply of and instructions for construction of the Solar Car kits.

Wiring Instructions For Solar Boat1

The majority of the parts purchased for the Solar Boat kits is from Scorpio Technology with the wiring instructions worked out by Steve Sawyer and myself.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.